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Leadership Academy


ASCLS is always looking to inspire new leaders so what better way than to grow 'em themselves!


Leadership Academy is a great opportunity for those ASCLS members who want to become more involved. It's a one year program that includes a group project, education sessions with topics such as Leadership and Professional Visibility, and a few face to face meetings. Much of the program is done remotely via conference calls and email.


Region V Leadership Academy

The Region V-Tri State Leadership Academy takes students from North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota. Students meet face to face at the Region V Tri-State Fall Symposium to kick off their year. Throughout the year, the students work on their group project, do a book review, and have a couple education sessions all via conference call. The students meet for a retreat in spring and graduate at the following year's Fall Symposium where they present their group project. For more information and to apply, go to:


National Leadership Academy

The National Leadership Academy is set up similarly to the Tri-State Leadership Academy. Students meet face to face at the national meeting at the beginning and end of their year and at the Legislative Symposium. Learn more and apply at:

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