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The purposes of the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science-North Dakota (ASCLS-ND) shall be to support in the state the purpose and principles of the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science. ASCLS-ND promotes the educational, economic, and social interests of its members. ASCLS-ND is a non-profit organization in compliance of the bylaw of the American Society of Clinical Laboratory Science. 


The mission of ASCLS-ND is to promote the profession of clinical/medical laboratory science and provide beneficial services to those practitioners. To enable its members to provide quality services for all consumers, the society is committed to the continuous quest for excellence in all its activities, through...

  • Promoting high standards of practice in the workplace
  • Advocating professional autonomy
  • Ensuring professional competence
  • Being responsible to the membership and stakeholders
  • Supporting worthy educational efforts at all levels
  • Encouraging laboratories in their pursuit of expanded roles and responsibilities
  • Enhancing the public's understanding and respect for the profession and its practitioners


The ASCLS-ND, as the preeminent organization for clinical/medical laboratory science practitioners, provides dynamic leadership and vigorously promotes all aspects of clinical/medical laboratory science practice, education, and management to ensure excellent, accessible, cost-effective laboratory services for the consumers of health care.

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