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Ahhhh...February. The month of love and roses and hearts and candy and.... We all know about Feb 14 but what about some of the other days...

Feb 4 - Create a Vacuum Day (just be careful that you are not sucked into the black hole it might create because you want to be around to get the roses and the hearts and the ...)

Feb 7 - Wave ALL Your Fingers at Your Neighbor Day (of course, it means that you and your neighbor have to be outside at the same time and in ND in winter that in itself is quite the feat - unless, of course, we are all out snow-blowing after the latest blizzard)

Feb 11 - White T-shirt Day (this might be a fun one to do throughout your lab and then have markers so that everyone can write on everyone else)

Feb 13 - Get a Different Name Day (again, wouldn't this be a fun lab thing if everyone went by a different name that day - you could write it on your white T-shirt)

Feb 17 - Random Acts of Kindness Day (what could you do for someone else in your laboroatry or institution that would spread good feelings about the lab)

Feb 24 - National Tortilla Chip Day (what more do we in the lab need - you mention food and we are on it like right now)

Feb 28 - Public Sleeping Day (bring your pillow or see if the lab will allow you to wear your jammies to work - with a lab coat of course)

The moral of this is that you never know what a day might hold for you - some suprises, some fun, maybe even some education. When you go out and pursue, it is sometimes amazing what you will find. And when you start looking at what the 2014 ASCLS-ND State Meeting days will hold for you, it will blow you away!!! Great speakers, great topics, great fun, great friends, great food and the list goes on. Keep watching for registration info to show up by the end of February and don't let yourself "Sleep" through it (as mentioned for Feb 28). Instead look forward to ...

April 28 - Kiss Your Mate Day (because you don't want to come to the meeting without that good-bye kiss!)

April 29 - Greenery Day (maybe we'll ask you all to wear green - or bring something green for the food bank - keep watching for more info)

April 30 - Haristyle Appreciation Day (what woman doesn't like to hear that she looks gorgeous and after three days of great education, you will be a winner!!) OR

National Honesty Day (and we honestly feel like you will have an awesome time at the state meeting - you won't want to miss it)

So, don't pass up the opportunity and we can't wait to see you at the Doublewood Inn, Fargo, ND - April 28-30, 2014.

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