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It's December and we are playing Santa because we have a Christmas gift for you - but first you will need to solve the following CLUE's...

This gift:10) can be found in the city that has the largest shopping mall in North Dakota

9) will take place at a "Doubly" good location 8) can be part of a fun time because of a pool that has a climbing wall

7) will contain lots of great food and the only place that serves "popovers" routinely 6) will involve lots of old friends that you maybe only get to see once a year

5) will involve many new friends that you will only get to meet here 4) will provide many options to exercise your mind

3) will provide the latest and greatest in speakers and topics - Come meet "Bunny"!! 2) will help to fulfill your ND licensure and CMP requirements

and the best part -

1) is that Santa's elves are very busy in their workshop to make this your best gift of the yearHaven't solved the puzzle yet? Well, keep coming back for more CLUE's each month and join us from April 28-30, 2014 to unwrap the GIFT!

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