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We're only a few weeks away! Here are some "Clues" for our GREAT speakers!

Speaker Clues:

1) Which speaker lists that in their free time they like playing the guitar?

a. Dr. Timothy McManamon

b. Dr. Napoleon Espejo

c. Dr. Piero Rinaldo

d. Dr. Ruth Paur

* CLUE: This speaker’s namesake is a famous Frenchman…

2) Which speaker has a nickname that is just right for the Easter season?

a. Bridget Weidner

b. Karen Peterson

c. Susan Hollister

d. Bernadette Rodak

* CLUE: This speaker is from Indiana…

3) Which speaker is traveling the farthest to be with us?

a. Dr. Timothy Larson

b. Dr. Karla Walker

c. Dr. Thomas King

d. Dr. William Newman

*CLUE: This speaker would be right at home in a monarchy

4) Which speaker can also be found performing on stage?

a. Tristin Frank

b. Marni Wild

c. Cindy Johnson

d. Justin Meyer

* CLUE: This speakers title could not only talk about “Procurement” but also “Performance”

5) Which speaker is looking forward to the “Big Dance”?

a. Deb Rodahl

b. Nicole Phillips

c. Linda Schwartzwalter

d. Linda Gylland

* CLUE: This speakers husband is the coach of the NDSU Bison Men’s BBall Team


1) The famous Frenchman is Napoleon Bonaparte so it is Dr. Napoleon Espejo who loves to play guitar

2) Don’t know where the Easter bunny is from but our only speaker from Indiana is Bernadette “Bunny” Rodak whose name can be found as author on numerous Hematology textbooks.

3) Since a monarchy has a king it could be no other than Dr. Thomas King who calls Worchester, MA. home.

4) Tristin Frank is at home on a stage as he is in the lab. He had the lead role in Casselton, ND’s production of Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat as well as others.

5) This “Big Dance” has nothing to do with dancing in a ballroom but everything to do with “dancing” on a basketball court. This is NDSU’s second trip to the “Big Dance” tourney and the NDSU BBall head coach is Saul Phillips, husband to Nicole.

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