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Region V Meeting October 4th and 5th, 2018
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ASCLS-ND Spring Meeting

We are looking forward to seeing you April 15-17, 2019 in Minot!

Student Opportunities

Calling all medical laboratory students!  Did you know there are scholarship and professional development opportunities offered through ASCLS?  Find out more HERE!

President's Message

From ASCLS-ND President Brooke Solberg:

I recently reviewed some employee satisfaction survey results from a North Dakota laboratory.  While most of what I saw was expected, one result in particular caught my attention (and not in a good way) - that a fair number of employees did not feel what they did on a daily basis made a significant contribution to patient care.  My lab heart broke as I thought about this sentiment.  We do such an important job, and patient care is impacted by the results we give – so how could my fellow laboratorians feel this way?

In trying to answer this question, I realized that the lab is one of those things in life that people take for granted.  I am reminded of a recent power outage, and how I kept trying to turn the lights on out of habit, only to have nothing happen.  Each time I flicked the switch and remained in darkness, found myself realizing just how much I relied on those lights.  Isn’t that a good analogy for the lab?  We are the epitome of the saying “you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone”.  It’s a catch-22…people won’t appreciate us unless we aren’t there, and we, being the dedicated lab professionals that we are, would never let the lab not ‘be there’.


2017 Election & Award Winners!

Congratulations to all of the election and award winners

announced at the 2017 ASCLS-ND State Meeting in Grand Forks! 

ASCLS-ND Board Election


             President Elect:  Zac Lunak

           Secretary/Treasurer:  Jozey Keith

     Board Member at Large:  Tammy Windish

             Nominations Chair:  Zac Lunak

New Professional Delegate:  Rebecca Ram

                             Delegate:  Alice Hawley

Member of the Year

Stacy Askvig
Keys to the Future
Muhammad Riji, Zac Lunak, Tammy Windish

Omicron Sigma
Alice Hawley

Region V: 
Sharon Reistad, Brooke Solberg, Christie Massen

Muhammad Riji, Tammy Windish, Jozey Keith Stacy Askvig, Mary Coleman, Zac Lunak, Shannon Jongeward

Membership Award - 5 years 
Katheryn Kilpatrick

Membership Award - 10 years
Lynne Joachim, Linda Ray, Brooke Solberg, Chris Triske

Membership Award - 20 years
Sandra Matthey

Membership Award - 25 years
Ruth Paur, Robert Porter

Membership Award - 35 years
Elaine Ramstad

Membership Award - 40 years
Julie Hoverson

Loan Forgiveness in North Dakota!

Are you an MLS, MLT, or phlebotomist that has worked in North Dakota for at least a year?  Then you may be eligible for $1500 a year (up to 4 years) of student loan forgiveness!

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