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President's Message
From ASCLS-ND President Nicole Lemieux:

This is the last message for 2015-2016 ASCLS-ND President Nicole Lemieux:

Picture (upper left-hand corner going clockwise): 

  • 2014 national meeting ASCLS booth;
  • my first ASCLS national meeting in 2010 as Student Rep; 
  • 2014 receiving my constituent society member of the year award from president JR Constance at the national meeting; 
  • visiting the Whitehouse while lobbying on behalf of ASCLS in 2012; 
  • whitecoat ceremony with my husband in January;
  • 2015 national meeting with the ND crew


I have a lot to thank ASCLS for.  I became a member in college for the sole reason to apply for the scholarship (which I received, thank you!).  Looking back now, it really has been one of the most worthwhile decisions I've ever made.  Through ASCLS I have:

- Lobbied on behalf of laboratorians

- Traveled to Washington D.C., Atlanta, Chicago, and Aneheim

- Made friends throughout the country

- Learned invaluable leadership skills

- Been a meeting speaker

But even more than all that, I've grown.  You don't expect to keep growing after college, but with ASCLS I've grown into a more confident and assured person.  I know for a fact I would not be where I am today if not for my time with ASCLS.


I would like to thank all of ASCLS-ND.  Our membership is the highest I've seen since becoming a member.  I don't take the credit for it, but I will thank you all for helping that number grow. 


Save the Date!

The Region V Fall Symposium is coming up, and is in Fargo this year! 
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2016 Election & Award Winners!

Congratulations to all of the election and award winners

announced at the 2016 ASCLS-ND State Meeting in Bismarck! 

ASCLS-ND Board Election


             President Elect:  Brooke Solberg

           Secretary/Treasurer:  Jozey Keith

     Board Member at Large:  Elaine Ramstad

     Board Member at Large:  Tammy Windish

             Nominations Chair:  Zac Lunak

New Professional Delegate:  Rebecca Ram

                             Delegate:  Alice Hawley

Keys to the Future
Rebecca Ram      Jessica Rosin

Omicron Sigma
      Mary Coleman      Shannon Jongeward               Jozey Keith      Elaine Ramstad
     Tammy Renner      Jessica Rosin
   Amanda Schenk      Brooke Solberg

Membership Award - 5 years 
Matthew Sprague, Valley City
Kelley Weber, Robbinsdale, MN
Brian Wittkop, Fargo

Membership Award - 10 years
Romel Canapi, Rolla

Membership Award - 15 years
Evonne Lopez, Grand Forks

Membership Award - 35 years
Mary Nagel, Bismarck

Membership Award - 40 years
Linda Gylland, Fargo

Member of the Year
Brooke Solberg

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