American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science
   - North Dako


President's Message
From ASCLS-ND President Nicole Lemieux:

With the Spring Meeting in Bismarck this year, I thought I'd share some of my favorite things to do in Bismarck!  And a couple things that are still on my bucket list :)


Places to Eat: 

  • McKenzie River - my favorite food is pizza so of course McKenzie River is on my list
  • Peacock Alley - Definitely my favorite place to eat in town and it's right across the street from the meeting! And it's got a pretty cool history!
  • Blarney Stone - Another downtown favorite.  Sit in garage and enjoy a pear cider


Places to Shop:

  • Kirkwood Mall - just up the road with Target, Scheels, and the usual favorites
  • Kittsona and Apricot Lane - Cute boutiques within walking distance of the hotel
  • Gateway Mall - the "older" mall still has some neat shops, especially if you like antiques


2016 Election & Award Winners!

Congratulations to all of the election and award winners

announced at the 2016 ASCLS-ND State Meeting in Bismarck! 

ASCLS-ND Board Election


             President Elect:  Brooke Solberg

           Secretary/Treasurer:  Jozey Keith

     Board Member at Large:  Elaine Ramstad

     Board Member at Large:  Tammy Windish

             Nominations Chair:  Zac Lunak

New Professional Delegate:  Rebecca Ram

                             Delegate:  Alice Hawley

Keys to the Future
Rebecca Ram      Jessica Rosin

Omicron Sigma
      Mary Coleman      Shannon Jongeward               Jozey Keith      Elaine Ramstad
     Tammy Renner      Jessica Rosin
   Amanda Schenk      Brooke Solberg

Membership Award - 5 years 
Matthew Sprague, Valley City
Kelley Weber, Robbinsdale, MN
Brian Wittkop, Fargo

Membership Award - 10 years
Romel Canapi, Rolla

Membership Award - 15 years
Evonne Lopez, Grand Forks

Membership Award - 35 years
Mary Nagel, Bismarck

Membership Award - 40 years
Linda Gylland, Fargo

Member of the Year
Brooke Solberg

Loan Forgiveness in North Dakota!

Are you an MLS, MLT, or phlebotomist that has worked in North Dakota for at least a year?  Then you may be eligible for $1500 a year (up to 4 years) of student loan forgiveness!

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